Friday, 27 May 2016

The UK and Cambridge Housing Crisis: An Open Dialogue


5pm (5.15 start) - 6.45pm, Tuesday 31st May

Sociology Department (Free School Lane), 

Seminar Room
The availability of affordable housing is in crisis across the UK and Cambridge is one of the worst hit cities. Housing prices in Cambridge have risen by nearly 80 % since the post crisis dip, at the same time as public provision of social housing has declined.  The housing crisis affects us all, but low income residents are especially at risk of being pushed out of the city. What are the causes of this crisis both at the national and local levels, and how is the University involved? What are the consequences for different constituents? Is this just an inevitable result of urban development, or are there alternative models we can look to that promise more equitable and secure housing provision?

We bring together a panel of activists, policy makers, and academics to discuss these issues in the context of the debate on the National Housing and Planning Act and wider UK housing policy. 

The panel includes: 
Diana Minns, City Council's Housing Scrutiny Committee
Dr Gemma Burgess, Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research
Councillor Kevin Price, Labour Executive Councillor for Housing
Martyn Everett, housing campaigner and member of UNITE Community.

The panel discussion will last approximately 45 minutes, followed by 45 minutes of open discussion and Q and A with the audience. We invite all participants to a drink at the Anchor pub following the seminar.For more on our upcoming events:

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