Saturday, 16 January 2016

James Meadway // Corbynomics: What Next? // Tuesday 19th January, 5-6.30pm

with James Meadway
5pm (5.15 start) - 6.30pm, Tuesday 19 Jan
Room 3, Mill Lane Lecture Theatre

There’s been a lot of excitable talk about Jeremy Corbyn’s economic policies in the press, but little substance. The Corbyn-led Labour Party has a major task ahead of it: to think through what kind of economic strategy is needed to make anti-austerity policy in the UK function. This talk will look at how these efforts are going, and where they might lead the left. It will revolve around (but not be restricted to) several themes: the insufficiency of Keynesianism; the difficulty of breaking austerity not only as an ideology, but as a set of practices; the need for structural reforms and how to develop popular support for a comprehensive anti-austerity programme that can change the shape of the economy.


James Meadway is consultant economic advisor to Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. Before that he was chief economist at the New Economics Foundation (NEF), a leading UK think-tank promoting social, economic and environmental justice.
This is the first of Lent term's Critical Theory and Practice seminars. The aim of these talks is to integrate radical theory with political practice and activism. Each talk consists of a presentation followed by a Q&A session (and trip to the Anchor pub round the corner). We record each session, so if you can't make it, like our pages so you get updated once the video is uploaded. Organised by Cambridge Defend Education (CDE) and Cambridgeshire Left.


Upcoming talks for Lent 2016 (more details to come...)

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